After Rain12 хв.
Script and director: Natalia Krasilnikova
Script and director: Ruslan Gyryn
Editor: Oleksandr Buzko

During Euro 2012 Khreshchatyk was turned into main fan-sone of the country. More than 300 days there has been a tent camp which occupied certain part of Khreshchatyk. Inhabitans of tent camp are getting ready for visitors. Thus during rain, wind, frost and summer heat there are tents in the middle of the city’s center, and people sit in them. Young and old sit at the sake of Idea and try to convince in it all the street walkers. Our film is not about the politics, but about the city inside the city, because people remain people in any situation.

Наталія КрасильниковаNatalia Krasilnikova

Born in Ukraine in 1985. studied Journalism at The Kiev National University, From 2008 was studying Documentary movie making at Kiev State University of the theatre, film and television. In 2012 had a Bachelor degree. In 2012 start DOK PRO Documentary Programme at The Wajda School Foundation (Warsaw)